Narrative Healing Program

This program guides clients through a process of inner exploration, promoting the alignment of personal and professonal goals through the process of creative expression. 

The program contains three elements: 

  • A one-hour session to identify areas where the client can build bridges between their internal and external worlds in order to increase alignment with a more purpose-driven life.  This session will culminate with a specific writing exercise.
  • In addition to suggested edits, Julie will provide further insights on how to build on the strategies and approaches developed by the client in the initial draft.
  • A 30-minute follow-up call with Julie to discuss edits and the final structure to complete the piece.

Following completion of the written piece, clients may choose to publish it as a guest post on the Borderland Community Blog.

Cost for this Package: $120

Julie's Publishing Bio                                                                                         Julie R. Dargis is the author of Seven Sonnets, 2012. Pit Stop in the Paris of Africa, was realeased in 2013. Marketing activities for her work include the production of an audiobook for Seven Sonnets and a book trailer for Pit Stop in the Paris of Africa.
The launch of Pit Stop in the Paris of Africa included book release parties and readings in Minneapolis, Washington, DC and San Francisco, including An Evening in Conversation with Kitty Thuermer at the Commonwealth Club of California on September 23, 2013, a special event recorded as a podcast for National Public Radio. 
White Moon in a Powder Blue Sky was published in 2016. To view the book trailer, click here.  
Julie's most recent book, Borderland, an exploration of states of consciousness in new and selected sonnets, was published Hermes House Press on February 15, 2018.