Julie R. Dargis is a strategic international development advisor and organizational consultant with over 20 years experience working with diverse populations in fast-paced environments.  She supports organizations with their management, operations, and evaluation needs.  Throughout her career, she has worked in international development, humanitarian relief and emergency response in a variety of countries. She is a specialist in performance-based programming, field-based studies, and operational solutions.  Her work with individuals builds highly cohesive teams that are aligned with the mission and goals of their organizations.  

Julie's first book, Pit Stop in the Paris of Africa, is a collection of essays and verse highlighting her most memorable experiences from her work overseas.  Her newest book, White Moon in a Powder Blue Sky, explores the subtle sciences by considering the application of quantum physics and consciousness to personal and professional growth.  

She holds an MA in Education and Human Development from the George Washington University and is pursuing a PhD from the California Institute for Human Science.

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